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This ‘utterly gripping account of damaged souls’ (Independent on Sunday) is about a reunion of Oxford friends. A thrilling page-turner that is ‘tremendous fun and never less than beautifully written’ (Time Out).


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  • ‘Only two books in my life have made me cry…  [One of them] is Us, Richard Mason’s devastatingly tragic, funny and utterly gripping novel.  Fantastic stuff and without doubt my book of the year.’ Independent on Sunday, Books of the Year
  • ‘Mason’s deftly plotted take on the Oxbridge novel begins ten years on with its three main characters – embittered Julian, alcoholic artist Jake and emotionally fragile Adrienne - looking back on their respective relationships with wayward Maggie, Julian’s sister…  Guilt, jealousy and betrayal are themes ingeniously explored here, with each protagonist offering his or her version of events leading up to the day of Maggie’s fatal accident, and tension is sustained to nerve-stretching effect in the closing pages.  It’s wonderfully done.’ The Times
  • ‘Richard Mason has created a classic with a twist with this startling novel.  It deserves to win all the prizes.’ Geordie Greig
  • ‘You’ll find it hard not to be thoroughly moved by this utterly gripping account of damaged souls.’ Independent on Sunday, Summer Fiction Special
  • The Big Chill meets Evelyn Waugh.’ The Arts Show, BBC Radio Scotland
  • ‘Mason’s storytelling is slyly compulsive: Us is a genuine page-turner, anchored in vivid characterisation but driven forward with the skill of the best thriller-writers.’ Arena 
  • ‘Mason’s guilty pleasure of a second novel … is tremendous fun and never less than beautifully written.’ TimeOut
  • ‘In his latest [novel], Mason capitalises on his early promise with this compelling tale about three friends who have drifted apart since their university days, but remain connected by the shocking death of the woman who was, variously, sister, lover and best friend to each of them.  It looks set to confirm Mason’s reputation as a powerful storyteller with a bright future.’ Red Magazine
  • ‘Mason deftly draws us into [his characters’] eventful past and empty present, and his method of intercutting narrators and time frames … keeps his reader panting for the next choppy instalment.’ Metro
  • ‘Put three privileged kids and one poor one in the same exclusive university.  Have them fall in love, quarrel and discover that the world is full of injustice.  Add an unwelcome guest: death.  Then observe their reactions, explain how the survivors have changed.  If you’re lucky, you’ve got a psycho-sociological essay.  If you are a writer, and a mature and insightful writer like Mason, you have Us.’ Vanity Fair 
  • The Drowning People is midway between Madame Bovary and The Catcher in the Rye, disillusioned and ferocious.  In his new novel, Us, Mason confirms all his capacity for introspection…  He directs a chorus of imploding voices, describing a sort of adolescent rage that unleashes unpredictable frustrations.  He has the skill to interweave life and passion, creating a cruel game with violent repercussions, while his lightness of touch avoids all the clichés of despair.’ Il Messagero
  • ‘Mason has succeeded in writing an excellent, three dimensional novel.’ Vogue
  • ‘Poetic and cruel, a symphonic novel of interweaving voices.'  Elle 
  • Us is more than a confirmation of Mason’s talent.’ Marie Claire
  • ‘Us is a merciless portrait of contemporary Great Britain, in which Mason continues the enquiry into chaotic postmodernity that he began with The Drowning People.  Mason’s rage is reminiscent of John Osborne’s…. This young writer ranks beside Julian Barnes, Ian McEwan and Jonathan Coe, but is no simple follower.  He mixes the personal and the political with intelligence and his second book eliminates any possible doubt of his artistic worth after the runaway success of his first novel.  It confirms his place among the small group of the most interesting new British novelists.’ Il Piccolo 
  • ‘Richard Mason is, without doubt, the most insightful investigator of the psychology of the young among the new generation of British writers...  His detailed characterisation evokes Balzac and Maupassant.’ Il Tempo 
  • ‘Richard Mason is closer to the early work of the American writers Bret Easton Ellis and Jay McInerney: he reveals our helplessness with the gift of a social painter.  Us is a novel of structural virtuosity.’ L’Unitá
  • ‘A confirmation of a great and mature talent.' La Nazione
  • ‘A cruel and winning story, with a Pirandello-like structure: the reader cannot know objectively what happened, but can infer it from the often diverging versions of the protagonists.’ Il Messagero
  • ‘Richard Mason has the passion of the adolescent but all the awareness of an experienced writer.’ Sebastiano Pezzani, Il Giornale
  • ‘Richard Mason’s second novel is an explosive mixture of cocky irony and elegy which perfectly explains the confusion of feelings one finds at that harsh, vulnerable age when one begins to make one’s way in the world….  The author excels at describing those times in one’s life when one suffers as one breaths, and where joy is tinged with pain.  We become attached to his characters, to their freshness and fragility.  In their company, one slides down the dangerous slope to the many intoxications of adolescence.’ Le Figaro, Pick of the Day
  • ‘Richard Mason is a phenomenon whose sense of narrative demands our respect’ Le Figaro Magazine
  • ‘Richard Mason makes the stylistic decision to move between his protagonists’ voices, giving us now one, now another, showing the names of the characters at the top of each chapter to familiarize us with the style and tone of each.  Soon, these names become unnecessary, and the reading is not interrupted by them – because we come to know each of his subjects.  This is one of the novel’s great strengths: the ability to bring us deeply into each person’s tragedy, into the hidden places of their mind…  A beautiful book which suggests many subjects for reflection.’  La Semaine
  • ‘Richard Mason is a young writer with a glowing future.’ Muze
  • ‘Richard Mason, one of the great hopes of Anglo-Saxon literature, offers us a deeply moving novel which has achieved worldwide success… A poignant, serious book of great beauty’ Agence France Presse

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